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Coming of Age Ceremonies 

Adolescent rites of passage are an integral part of one’s growth as a human and a wonderful opportunity for families and communities to gather in ceremony and celebration.  In his book, “The Hidden Spirituality of Men,” Matthew Fox says, “…. The rite of passage our culture is most lacking in is that passage from boyhood to manhood, from girlhood to womanhood.  

A true rite of passage from childhood is decidedly not an achievement of the individual.  It is an achievement of Nature.  All of us, fathers and mothers, grandparents, and all citizens are impacted by the coming of age of the next generation.”


We are enthusiastic about making space for a time of meaningful study, reflection, and integration of each child’s family traditions to create an adolescent rite of passage ceremony.  Each ceremony is crafted with mindfulness and attention to the unique circumstances of the child and the family dynamic.  

Ultimately, we work toward making the experience a fun and exciting time of learning and reverence for the child and their family.

Let us help you celebrate your young one's coming of age with a memorable ceremony
Meet with us to learn about how we can provide you a unique, customized, coming of age ceremony.

Coming of Age CTA
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